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Captivated by music at an early age, it was inevitable that I’d end up working in the music industry in various forms. At 3 years old I started collecting records and studying the music, artists, and album art. Elvis, Little Richard, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin… whatever I could get my hands on from my parents’ antique store.

Inspired by record album art, I taught myself photography as a teenager. In my early 20s I got into filmmaking and graduated from film school. I stumbled into concert photography almost by accident in early 2008 and quickly fell in love with working with the action packed high energy environment.

Based out of Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, I specialize in commercial, concept, and fine art concert photography, I have experience in numerous environments ranging from small club venues, theatres, auditorium arenas and has worked with local up and comings, Juno Award winners, and legendary rockers.

I started my career as both a promoter and the photographer for  Got Pop? Concerts before teaming up with promoters TLC Entertainment, and westcoastrock as their official photographer. I have also crossed Canada as photographer and crew for a five piece rock band and a rock musical for various Canadian Fringe Festivals.

In 2012, I was named as one of the 50 greatest concert photographers in the world by Examiner.com.